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I am a Game / Level Designer and Unity C# Developer. I am currently working freelance remotely from Montréal (Canada), as Game / Level Designer and Unity C# Developer for Matsuko (Slovakia), on projects under NDA with Eidos Montréal.

After graduating from ISART Digital, Paris in Game & Level Design, I worked seven years in the video games industry in the UK, Slovakia, France and Canada on both PC and mobile games.

Using the top menu, you may view the projects I have worked on, read more about the two books I have published about Unity development, view my resume. and contact me.

In parallel of my freelance activities, I am founder, Game / Level Designer & Unity C# Developer of Haze Games, a small indie game studio behind the game Fractal Space. The mobile Pocket Edition is already available - the PC and consoles version is bound to be released in 2021.

Below are screenshots of various projects I have worked on as Game / Level Designer and/or Unity C# Developer.


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